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The Art Conference provides a vital dialogue within the contemporary art world, curating a program of lectures, panel discussions and workshops with international visionaries. TAC events explore the intersection of technology, art and culture while creating a platform to discuss, connect and engage with art from a fresh perspective.

The third edition of TAC draws near, promising to once again deliver the insight, debate and controversy that made its debut earlier this year a celebrated success. Held in partnership with Accessible Art Fair New York presented by MvVO Art, TAC#03 will run for 2 and located in The National Arts Club in New York City this November.

TAC#03 | New York

Saturday 12 November | 1pm – 3pm | Technological revolutions in the art world

Technology is changing the very heart of the art market. At TAC#03 we’ll hear from industry-leading experts leveraging online platforms to forge deeper, immersive connections with online communities and employing e-commerce to usher in a creating a more transparent and accessible art market.

Saturday 19 November | 12pm – 3pm | Art in Action

TAC taps into the vast experience of the business pioneers, taste-makers and shapers of the contemporary art market, already at the top of their respective fields, Art can underpin revolutions, give a voice to the seemingly powerless and affect social change on a global scale. TAC#03 presents a line-up of keynote speakers directly involved with the furthering of social positivity and transformational art initiatives.

TAC Dates:
Day 1: Saturday, 12 November
Day 2: Saturday, 19 November

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Accessible Art Fair, New York

TAC#03 Programme

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The Art Conference is proud to announce TAC#03, our third edition held in partnership with The Accessible Art Fair this November in New York City.

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