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The Art Conference provides a vital dialogue within the contemporary art world, curating a program of lectures, panel discussions and workshops with international visionaries. TAC events explore the intersection of technology, art and culture while creating a platform to discuss, connect and engage with art from a fresh perspective.

TAC#09 | Q&A Session: All I want for Christmas is an Art Career

December 20th | 7pm – 9pm

Location: 115 Curtain Road, Shoreditch

No one ever said it would be easy, but when it comes to advice on securing and sustaining a career in the arts, no one ever says much at all. Despite its reputation, the notoriously nuanced art world’s best and brightest all got started somewhere. To those still yet to find their way in, however, it can’t help but feel like a mountain to climb. To tackle the big questions and iron out the fine details, The Art Conference presents its yuletide discussion All I Want For Christmas Is An Art Career.

Moniker Art Fair & TAC Director Tina Ziegler and Creative Debuts Director Calum Hall get to grips with the state of the market from a career perspective, taking questions from the audience and diving into the industry’s various points of entry, the challenges newcomers will face, and the adaptability to change that those recruiting within the art world have increasingly demanded in recent years.

With drinks laid on and the gloves off, it’s a chance to hear the honest (and often a little chaotic) truth about the art world, and a rare opportunity to ask and in fact probably yell your own questions as bluntly as you like to industry experts.

Join us for this holiday special and come celebrate with friends.

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