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TAC#09 | The Roundtable Discussion : Art in Times of Chaos

November 22nd at 7pm

Location: 115 Curtain Road, Shoreditch

As natural disasters plot courses through hundreds of thousands of lives each year, survival is by necessity prioritised. Preparing for, coping with and rebuilding from the effects of mass devastation requires fortitude, determination and practical, tangible skillsets. 

What role, if any, can or should art play in the lives of those concentrating on core necessities? Some artists have produced their greatest works in times of hardship, of course, but can art itself create a place of solace for those affected, or even encourage less tangible, emotional rebuilding?

This November 22nd, The Art Conference gathers together experts from multiple sectors in an effort to better understand the challenges and potential for those striking a balance between hopeful aspiration and a sense of practical respect, asking whether art has a place at all in times of crisis, and how it can best be applied if so.

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